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This Date in History

Posted in January on January 3, 2009 by Kent

On January 3, 1947, Congressional proceedings were televised for the first time.



The Mayflower

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 Doorman at the Mayflower ca. 1917. (Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division)


Area Homicides slightly up.

Posted in Crime on January 3, 2009 by Kent

According to yesterday’s Washington Post, homicides were slightly up in the Metro area. There were 186 in 2008, and 181 the previous year. What prosecutors find troubling isn’t the slight increase in incidents, but the increase in younger killers – a group that doesn’t care and is more prone to strike randomly and with little to know reason.


If you’d like to see how the crime (not just homicides) in you neighborhood compares with last year’s incidents, you can find that out from the DC Police Crime Mapping site at . Using 1700 R St as a random example, the two images below were generated.