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Planning on Texting at the Inauguration?

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The Washington Post reports that wireless carriers are expecting an explosion of cellphone traffic on Jan. 20, when millions of visitors pour into Washington to welcome the new president. So many calls, text messages, photos and video clips hitting the airwaves at the same time can choke communication networks and result in delayed messages and dropped calls. To read the more, click here.


Gun Shops Throughout the City?

Posted in Commuity News & Events on January 6, 2009 by Kent

The D.C. Zoning Commission has adopted temporary rules permitting gun shops in industrial areas that are a minimum of 300 feet from libraries, schools, churches, residences, and playgrounds. The Commission’s rules will expire March 20, at which time the Commission wants to hold a public hearing prior to adopting the rules permanently. smoking_gun

The Shovehan

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Doorman at the Shovehan ca. 1921. (Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division)


This Date in History

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January 6 1918: In response to a coal shortage caused in part by a severe winter in the Midwest, railroad men enlisting in the army, and the United States straining the rail system by directing rail lines to give priority to coal ordered for warships and merchant vessels hauling supplies to allies, the Washington Post Committee with the aid of volunteers and their automobiles established five coal substations. In doing this, more that 1,100 needy families in Washington were able to get free coal to heat their homes.