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Bridges from Virginia Now Open to Pedestrians

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Security and transportation officials have eased restrictions on bridge traffic for January 20th to now allow people to walk, bike, run or Segway across the Key, 14th Street and Roosevelt bridges … as long as they stay on the sidewalks. It had been announced earlier this week that the only bridges across the Potomac open to foot traffic were to be the Memorial and Chain bridges.

Lincoln’s Coat Not to be on Public Display

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The Washington Post reports that when Ford’s Theatre opens to the public again on February 11th, it will be without displaying the coat Lincoln was wearing the night he was assassinated. While Theatre officials originally wanted to have the coat on display 24/7, it has been deemed to fragile to withstand such exposure.

Obama Added to the National Portrait Gallery

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According to the Associated Press, the National Portrait Gallery announced Wednesday that they’ve acquired the iconic red, white and blue collage by Los Angeles street artist Shepard Fairey, depicting Obama with the word “Hope.” The image — later modified with the messages of “Change” and “Vote” for the Obama campaign — became one of the most memorable images from the 2008 election. The curators at the Smithsonian Institution museum plan to hang it by Inauguration Day.obama

This Date in History

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January 10, 1967: Edward Brooke, the first African-American senator elected by popular vote, took his seat.senator-edward-brooke