The Inaugural Ball

The Inaugural Ball is one of the highlights for many who come to celebrate the beginning of a new presidency. This year is no different. So I thought it would be nice to include images of Inaugural Balls past. If you are interested in the history of the Ball, you can find it here.  Below are images of the Balls I’ve been able to find. lincoln-inaugural-ball-1865

1. The Ball for Lincoln’s second Inaugural, March 4, 1865. inaugural-ball-harrison

2. President Harrison’s Inaugural Ball, March 4, 1889. inaugural-ball-1897

3. McKinley’s Inaugural Ball, 1897. inaugural-ball-1901

4. McKinley’s Inaugural Ball, 1901. inaugural-ball-1905

5. Roosevelt’s Ball, 1905.  inaugural-ball-1909

6. President Taft’s Inaugural Ball, 1909. inaugural-ball-1929

7. The Ball for President Hoover, 1929. inaugural-ball-1981

8. Reagan’s Inaugural Ball in 1981.

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