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Lost Washington

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The east side of Eighth Street between L and M Streets between 1955 and 1962. The entrance to the Navy Yard is at the end of the street in the background.8th-street-se(Image courtesy of Historical Society of Washington, Car 1512SS . Joseph J. Jessell, Jr. Street Car Slide Collection,#JJS 447)


Multiple Shooting at Sisy’s Last Night

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Police discovered two men in their 20’s shot around 1 a.m. at the Sisy’s Salvadorian and Mexican Restaurant, located at 3911 14th Street NW. Both men had been shot multiple times and were taken to a trauma center. At least one of the men is in critical condition.The front door of the restaurant was shot or broken out along with the rear window of a mini-van parked in front of the restaurant. (Source)

A Snapshot of the DC Auto Show

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It’s somewhat awkward to attend the Washington, DC International Auto Show. Coming from Chicago, where annual auto shows were big and glitzy, I sense that the DC show is often the final stop for a very tired touring company. This year especially, the gloomy economy sapped all optimism from the car show. In the past few years, I have seen Detroit Three displays with dozens of video screens, a “test drive track” that includes 4-wheel-drive water hazards, and elaborate turntables displaying cars which buyers were palpitating to buy. Nowadays, people are pessimistic about getting a decent car loan, so the manufacturers’ exhibits are stressing fuel efficiency and populating the show floor with lower-cost models.

I sympathize with the marketing departments; how could they scrape together any compelling message this year? They all talk about high mileage, alternate power sources or hybrids, although reasonable gas prices give the issue less urgency. Sports cars and SUVs aren’t politically correct, so they’re displayed with little fanfare next to sedans and pickups. Luxury features are nice, but not a big draw in this economic downturn. Here’s a quick snapshot of the show, with the caveat that I was there on a frigid Wednesday night.  More>>

This Date in History

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February 8, 1808: The Washington Bridge Co. is authorized by an Act of Congress to construct the “Long Bridge” as a toll crossing to Virginia. In 1835 the Long Bridge was rebuilt across the Potomac. (Photo courtesy Library of Congress. Prints and Photographs Division. LC-DIG-npcc-30375)long-bridge