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Dinner at Commissary DC

Posted in Food, Logan Circle, Restaurants, Shaw on February 12, 2009 by Kent

commissaryLast night, I had dinner at Commissary. This was not my first visit, and it will not be my last. Owned and operated by the same folks that bring us The Heights, Logan Tavern, and Grillfish, the price point is somewhat lower and the atmosphere lower key.

If you like their other restaurants, you will most likely enjoy the food here too. Two people can easily enjoy a meal for under $40, but nothing will stop you from  spending more if you choose to. It claims to be a neighborhood place, and from the feeling I got there, it lived up to that claim.

Commissary interiorOne thing that is unique to Commissary is the central area that is used and furnished more like a Starbucks than an eatery. Containing comfortable chairs, there were no fewer than two people enjoying this area with their laptops when I was there.

To find out more and look at their menu, check out their Website.


15 Dupont Circle

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15 Dupont CircleI’ve always liked the former home at 15 Dupont Circle, and regretted that its become a private club. It was built in 1901 by New York architect Stanford White for Robert Patterson, editor of the Chicago Tribune, and his wife Nellie, heiress to the Chicago Tribune fortune.

mrs-coolidge-at-15-dupont-circleUpon Mrs. Patterson’s incapacitation in the early 1920s, the house passed into the hands of her daughter, Cissy Patterson, who made it a hub of Washington social life.

I find it particularly interesting that the house served as temporary quarters for President and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge in 1927 while the White House underwent renovations. The Coolidges welcomed Charles Lindbergh as a house guest after his historic transatlantic flight and he made several public appearances at the house, waving to roaring crowds from the second-story balcony.coolidge-temp-white-house

Washington International Wine Festival

Posted in Food on February 12, 2009 by Kent

In case you are looking for something different to do this weekend, the Washington D.C. International Wine & Food Festival is being held at the Ronald Reagan Building this weekend.  A limited amount of tickets are being sold this year to provide a comfortable tasting experience for all attendees. If you are interested, get more information here>>wine


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In 1867, shortly after Lincoln’s death, a commission was formed to plan a monument for him. The design for that plan called for six equestrian and 31 pedestrian statues of colossal size, with a 12-foot statue of Lincoln in the center. The site chosen was the northwest corner of the Capitol grounds. That project was never started for lack of

425 6th St, NW

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425-6th-st1The chief reason I ducked into this house was because I thought it would be similar to my house, and so many you find in Park View and Petworth … and you know what, it was.

It is listed as an authentic Wardman, and I know Wardman built a lot of homes in this town (even if he didn’t build my house). There were a lot of good details here, and the house could be a gem with a lot of TLC. It seemed sound and livable, albeit dated. The kitchen needs to be redone, appearing to be at least 25 years old, more or less.

But I got to tell you, if this it the kind of house you want, head north, young man. This house is listed at $859,000. That’s easily $300,000 more than you would pay near the Georgia Ave./Petworth Metro area.

I know its location, location, location, but sometimes its also cash, cash, cash. I’d rather have some more green in my pocket than invest in this address, but I won’t say it isn’t worth the money for the location. Its going to boil down to what you want out of life.

Go to listing>>

Was Lincoln a Racist?

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Coming from Illinois, when I was in grade school we got Lincoln’s birthday off while the rest of the country celebrated Washington’s birthday. Clearly this has changed as we now have President’s Day — how’s that for compromise? As many people, I still really like Lincoln, even if he isn’t the person they taught us about in school.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., recently wrote the article Was Lincoln a Racist?, which delves into the complexity that was Lincoln. Full of contradictions, Gates addresses the many inconsistencies that made him who he was. In humanizing the great Emancipator, it is all the more impressive that Lincoln was able to accomplish what he did with so much working against him.

Happy 200th Lincoln’s Birthday

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