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Then and Now

Posted in Art Deco, Penn Quarter, Then and Now on February 16, 2009 by Kent

greyhound-bus-terminalThen: ca. 1938, the Greyhound bus terminal on New York Avenue and 12th St., NW.

0061Now: Incorporated into a much larger office complex, it is a mixed use space.


DC Library Reducing Hours

Posted in City Services on February 16, 2009 by Kent

I think its a shame that our public library system will be reducing hours of operation in an effort to balance their budget. I know they are not the only library in the country be be facing this challenge, and hope other systems have found a better solution.

The library says they’ve had a $2 million budget cut. And while there have been no layoffs, they’re also not replacing employees who leave. The staff has shrunk and the remaining employees have to work double, and even triple overtime. In fact, they’ve indicated that paying overtime has been killing them (here’s a hint, hire more staff that work at regular rates … or even part-timers, there are other librarians out there that might like to work a shift or two on the side).

I know that balancing hours of operation and serving neighborhoods is tough. Sadly, the people who can least afford reduced library services are they very people that will be impacted the most. Living in the Metro area, many of us forget that there are still people that don’t have the Internet. For those that can’t afford online access, the library often becomes their only access to the online environment, which is becoming increasingly more important in job announcements and applications.

In my opinion, rather than reduce hours, I’d try rolling closures first. Its a lot easier for a patron to change the day of a visit, that to rearrange the time to visit.

WJLAs report here>>

Connecticut Avenue Bridge @ Klingle Valley

Posted in Art Deco, Bridges, Cleveland Park, Woodley Park on February 16, 2009 by Kent

Klingle Valley BridgeI really like the bridge on Connecticut Avenue that crosses Klingle Valley. Its located just north of the Kennedy Warren, both of which are in the Art Deco style. Its a particularly good time to see the bridge, as it has just undergone a three year renovation project that was finished last year.

Railing detailIf you visit the bridge, you will notice the details that are typical to the Art Deco style, which are designs in low relief, somewhat sparsely used, and with a tendency toward geometric forms.

One of the features that is really striking is the huge, urn-like light fixtures that are grouped in pairs to either side of each end. Klingle Valley Bridge lampTo be honest, I’ve not seen them lit, but think I’ll have to go back at night sometime just so I can. They’ve patinaed nicely over the years, and I think the city did a good job of choosing a color that complements them for the railings.

Rehab on Quincy

Posted in Petworth, Real Estate on February 16, 2009 by Kent

624 Quincy FrontThe house at the southeast corner of Quincy and Warder is undergoing a major renovation. Well, that is if its the correct word to use. From what I could see, it appears that the entire house has been gutted, leaving only the exterior shell. Without seeing the house prior work starting, I can’t offer an opinion on whether or not that was the right call.
624 Quincy

What I can say is there is a wonderful opportunity here to have a really great house when they are done. By ripping everything out, everything can be installed efficiently and correctly … electrical, HVAC, plumbing, it can all be logically and safely installed.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this property when its completed.

Songbirds Spring Migration Amazingly Fast

Posted in Nature & Wildlife on February 16, 2009 by Kent

eastern-bluebirdUntil recently, it was thought that songbirds traveled about 90 miles a day in their annual spring migration north. However, researchers have recently discovered that songbirds cover more than 300 miles a day, which is much faster than the fall migration south.

One idea behind the faster Spring speed is that birds may be vying for prime nesting sites. An article in The Post provides much more detail.

I think its nice that songbirds want to return to the area as much as I want them too.

Lunch @ Cleveland Park Bar & Grill

Posted in Cleveland Park, Food, Restaurants on February 16, 2009 by Kent

Cleveland Park Bar & GrillOne of my guilty pleasures on Sunday is brunch — not that I do it every Sunday, but that makes it all the more enjoyable when I do. Until recently, my favorite spot was Annie’s (read my post of January 7). So, I’ve been trying out new spots to see if I can find a new favorite.

Inside Cleveland Park Bar & GrillIn roaming the City yesterday, I chanced upon the Cleveland Park Bar & Grill. I’ll say right now, it didn’t win me over as a new place for brunch, but, I did enjoy the food and service and can definitely see myself going back for a burger, happy hour, or lazy Saturday afternoon. I was actually surprised by the ambiance … much nicer than I had expected from the street. It does tend to be more bar-like than restaurant, but from what I saw, the staff do know their regular customers and have a rapport with them.

The food and service were both good during my visit, and the prices weren’t unreasonable. To find out more and look over the menu, go here>>

Happy President’s Day

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