Unrealized Dreams — The Capitol: part 2

Charles Wintersmith’s unsuccessful entry in the Capitol design competition of 1792.wintersmith-capitol-plan

4 Responses to “Unrealized Dreams — The Capitol: part 2”

  1. Robert R. Zins Says:

    Carl Winterschmidt/Charles Wintersmith was my 5th great grandfather. He was a Lieutenant in the Braunschweiger Grenadiers during the Revolutionary War. He fought for the British Army and was captured by the Americans at Saratoga, New York.

    I published a book on the Wintersmith family which covers Carl’s most interesting life, and that of his ancestors and descendants.

    Robert R. Zins

  2. Anna Marie Witmer Says:

    Was his middle name Godfrey?

  3. Schuyler bassett Says:

    Dear Mr. Zins,

    I am interested in buying the book on the Wintersmith family.
    What’s the next step?

  4. His middle name was Gottfried (Godfrey).

    I have one book left to sell, contact me at bobzins@aol.com

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