Neighborhood Demographic Observation of Two Years … and Counting

row-houses1I’ve lived in my neighborhood for nearly two years now, and in that time I’ve noticed something that I think is a bit odd, but odd in an interesting “a sociologist could earn their PhD studying this” kind of way.

In the homes that are in my general neighborhood, if there happens to be a gay neighbor, when you find out where they live, the house also ends up being the end house on a row, or half of a duplex. I know this isn’t true in other areas, and haven’t done a neighborhood survey to find out if there are exceptions to the rule, but around the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro, my informal polling is batting a 1,000 so far.

I think this has happened subconsciencly, which is all the more interesting to me. Is it in response to the additional natural light inside the houses that make them more appealing? Is it because you can walk from the front of the house to the back yard without walking around the block or through the house? I’m really not sure what it is, but you’d think that whatever it is it would also appeal to everyone looking to buy a house.

(Note: The author does not know the residents of the home pictured, and the image is used for illustrative purposes only)


2 Responses to “Neighborhood Demographic Observation of Two Years … and Counting”

  1. Is there a signifiant gay population in Petworth/Parkview? I thought mostly Shaw/Bloomingdale nowadays.

  2. Its growing. While we are still talking about a handful of residences, it has increased by roughly 35% (if I’m doing my math right). Other parts of the city are much hotter, but the available housing stock and prices seem to be a big lure. One of the newer neighbors was specifically looking to buy in Petworth, which I think says a lot for the area.

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