Review of Looking Glass Lounge

Looking Glass LoungeThe other night I just wasn’t in the mood to have any cooking or cleanup after a meal, so I decided to try Looking Glass Lounge on Georgia Avenue by the Metro. I hadn’t been there since it switched over from Temperance Hall and decided it was time.

I know that many people weren’t happy with the change in ownership, so I’ve been wanting to check it out for myself for a while now.

The interior hasn’t changed all that much, except that many more mirrors have been added to the decor. There is a good selection of beer, but I need to see if they know how to do any good mixed drinks (I did hear a shaker once while I was there).

Looking Glass interiorI’m betting that a burger is a good choice there, but I decided to try their ‘monthly’ steak, which was a sirloin and only $3 more. I won’t say it was a great cut of meat, but it was good. It had good flavor and wasn’t bad … actually, it was more than I was expecting at a bar and grill.

I’m not sure if I will go there frequently for dinner or not, but I do want to go back for happy hour.

Looking Glass Lounge is located at 3634 Georgia Ave, NW. For more information, go here>>


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