Lost Washington: Library @ Soldiers’ Home

Its a true shame that the library at the Old Soldiers’ Home is long gone. Built in 1877 at the corner of Rock Creek Church and Harewood Roads, NW, it was an extremely fine example of the American Stick style, and rare for Washington.

While it was originally intended to be a clubhouse, it was decided to change it to a library during construction, which allowed the transfer of the library from Scott Hall and the freed up space to be converted to much needed bedrooms.

The building was expensive to build, and proved to be expensive to maintain. Because of this, the board of commissioners of the Soldiers’ Home passed a rule shortly after its completion that all future buildings on the grounds would be designed by military architects.

In 1910, when the library was overflowing with 8,000 volumes, the commissioners decided to build Grant Hall on the site of the library, and razed it. The library was transferred back to a new location in Scott Hall. soldiers-home-library


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