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Brad and Angelina in Town

Posted in Metro, Penn Quarter, People on March 5, 2009 by Kent

Angelina Jolie is in town and filming for an upcoming movie Salt. So far, she’s been in a chase scene filmed near Archives-Navy Memorial, and tomorrow could be seen in a Metro station. Her husband, Brad Pitt, is also in town and is scheduled to meet with Nanci Pelosi tomorrow.



Prop 8 Getting Day in Court

Posted in Random Observations on March 5, 2009 by Kent

As the California Supreme Court took up the issue of Gay marriage and Prop. 8 today, it is still unclear what the decision will ultimately be. In a way, I’m hoping that Prop. 8 is upheld by the California Supreme Court so that it can continue to work its way through the legal system to its logical and necessary outcome.

In my opinion, the question of gay marriage, an issue as important to residents of the District as to California or Massachusetts, will ultimately have to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court … and when it is, I see no outcome other than ruling in support of it.

Whether you support or oppose gay marriage, I think the key piece of the puzzle is going to be Brown v. Board of Education (1954). True, marriage is not the same thing as education, but the underpinning concept of both is whether or not separate can be equal, and Brown clearly stated it couldn’t.

LA Times article here>>

Hecht Warehouse on New York Avenue.

Posted in Art Deco on March 5, 2009 by Kent

This is a great building if you ever happen to leave town via New York Avenue. Its the old Hecht Company warehouse. My only concern is that it is currently empty, and a developer seems to be trying to drum up business. I’m not too concerned with what goes on in the inside, but I think it is a scarce example of early to mid-century architecture and needs to be saved externally. (Historical Society of Washington, Jeremiah J. Spaulding Photograph Collection, Hecht Company Warehouse on the southeast corner of New York Avenue and Finwick Street NE. #SPL 080.1)hecht-warehouse

Honey, Can You Dim the Lights?

Posted in City Services, Crime on March 5, 2009 by Kent

Here’s an idea that just seems crazy to me. I read this morning that Mary Cheh, councilwomen from Ward 3, wants the street lights dimmed at night. She thinks they’re too bright.

Well, in a perfect world, I’d like the lighting to be more aesthetic too … but let’s get off cloud nine here and face some cold hard reality. There are reasons the lights are there to begin with. They help us find our way at night, they help us not hit pedestrians who cross streets mid-block (because, you know, they aren’t sources of light themselves), and perhaps most importantly, good lighting makes areas less inviting to crime. While nothing will completely eliminate crime, we are taught as children to avoid dark alleys.

Well, perhaps Ms. Cheh wasn’t inculcated with such wisdom as a child, who knows. But to speak for myself, I think the lighting is just fine for now. We will just have to learn to live with it until we stop reading about the weekly shootings, muggings, and assaults.

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Congressional Cemetery Detail

Posted in Congressional Cemetery on March 5, 2009 by Kent

There’s a lot of interesting details on the monuments at any long established cemetery. The detail below was taken on a monument at Congressional Cemetery. I don’t recall the name on the stone, but I’m guessing he was a surveyor?Monument detail

Misplaced Monument

Posted in Lost Washington, Monuments and Memorials on March 5, 2009 by Kent

This is an odd Memorial. Originally on the grounds of the United States Capitol, as shown here somewhat near the northwest corner, the Tripoli Naval Monument was moved in 1860 to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland (LC #cph 3b32865).tripoli

1421 Varnum St, NW

Posted in 16th Street Heights, Real Estate on March 5, 2009 by Kent

1421-varnum1What was really neat about this house is that it was exactly the same as the house I posted on Tuesday, except that there has been absolutely no work done on it to modernize it.

Its an estate sale, and the price is currently $465,000 ($120,000 less than 1405 Varnum). If you like original details, this house has them. The plasterwork is also in very good shape for a home of this age. After seeing to homes in the same row, they seem to be very solid with little settling over the years.

You’d want to redo the kitchen and possibly the baths, but if you can look past the current paint and carpet, there are real possibilities here. As this house doesn’t have central air, I’m also guessing that it would need a heavy up, but I didn’t poke into the power panel for this one.

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