Honey, Can You Dim the Lights?

Here’s an idea that just seems crazy to me. I read this morning that Mary Cheh, councilwomen from Ward 3, wants the street lights dimmed at night. She thinks they’re too bright.

Well, in a perfect world, I’d like the lighting to be more aesthetic too … but let’s get off cloud nine here and face some cold hard reality. There are reasons the lights are there to begin with. They help us find our way at night, they help us not hit pedestrians who cross streets mid-block (because, you know, they aren’t sources of light themselves), and perhaps most importantly, good lighting makes areas less inviting to crime. While nothing will completely eliminate crime, we are taught as children to avoid dark alleys.

Well, perhaps Ms. Cheh wasn’t inculcated with such wisdom as a child, who knows. But to speak for myself, I think the lighting is just fine for now. We will just have to learn to live with it until we stop reading about the weekly shootings, muggings, and assaults.

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