Prop 8 Getting Day in Court

As the California Supreme Court took up the issue of Gay marriage and Prop. 8 today, it is still unclear what the decision will ultimately be. In a way, I’m hoping that Prop. 8 is upheld by the California Supreme Court so that it can continue to work its way through the legal system to its logical and necessary outcome.

In my opinion, the question of gay marriage, an issue as important to residents of the District as to California or Massachusetts, will ultimately have to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court … and when it is, I see no outcome other than ruling in support of it.

Whether you support or oppose gay marriage, I think the key piece of the puzzle is going to be Brown v. Board of Education (1954). True, marriage is not the same thing as education, but the underpinning concept of both is whether or not separate can be equal, and Brown clearly stated it couldn’t.

LA Times article here>>


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