Another Yellow Street Man?

OK, now I’m very curious. Back on February 20th, I saw this odd little yellow man at the southwest corner of 17th and I. Well, now I discover there is ANOTHER ONE at the southwest corner of 17th and Pennsylvania, NW. I feel like I now need to do a search of all the corners to see just how many are out there. This one didn’t appear to be in as good of shape, but it could also have been the salt on the road.Yellow Man


5 Responses to “Another Yellow Street Man?”

  1. […] back on February 2oth, at the intersection of 17th and I.  On March 6th, I saw another one at 17th and Pennsylvania.  The one to the right is at the intersection of 9th and Constitution. Its nice to know I’m […]

  2. hey! I forgot the guy’s name but he is a famous graffiti guy from NYC that did those lil robots in road tape all around downtown dc; he is known to create the most odd, but intriguing pieces of urban art! You are not alone!! I’ve seen them elsewhere!!

  3. there is also a great looking one in the crosswalk right in front of the smithsonian info center

  4. Also one spotted on Memorial Road, next to the Gateway Arch in St Louis.

  5. Yep, I found on right in front of the Smithsonian Castle entrance over the 4th of July weekend. 😊

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