I Need Some Gardening Help

cast iron garden urnI need a little help here. I have a metal urn that I’d like to use in the garden. Unfortunately, I want it to sit up higher than just sitting out there. What I need is a base for the urn to sit on.

I saw this set last week when I was roaming the city enjoying the snow. As you can see, it is sitting on a base.

Can anyone recommend where I might be able to find a base? The only ones I’ve found so far aren’t available without another urn, which I don’t need.


2 Responses to “I Need Some Gardening Help”

  1. Garden supply stores?

  2. Sorry — not garden supplies as in bulbs and trowels. I was thinking more along the lines of the sort of place that sells cement garden statuary and lawn ornaments, although some of the bigger supply places might carry them, too.

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