The Things You See …

OK, so get this. Last week I go to the deli I generally go to for lunch, and when I get in line I’m behind a gentleman – using the term loosely – wearing a black and white houndstooth suit. I mean, can you believe it, an entire suit made out of the same busy material. I almost got vertigo. And when you throw in his Mr. Clean shaved head, Paul Shaffer glasses and stud earring, it was too much. To round it out, he was aggressively chewing his gum the entire time.

Here’s the kicker. When the cashier rings up his food, the total is $14.01 … and what does he hand her? Two fives and a ton of change. It wasn’t quarters. It wasn’t dimes, nickels, or pennies. It was a handful of all of them. Who carries that much change around with them? Better yet, why did the cashier accept it? I think its rude to give someone $4.01 in mixed change.


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