Cogswell Temperance Fountain

Cogswell Temperance Fountain

I’m sure many people have come across this bizarre little monument in Indiana Plaza day after day and wondered what’s up with it. Actually, using the word bizarre is not all that inappropriate.

It was created in 1880 by sculptor Henry D. Cogswell, who was known as a somewhat eccentric dentist from San Francisco who made a fortune from San Francisco who made a fortune from real estate and mining stocks.

There were two things that he wanted, to be remembered forever and convince Americans that they were drinking too much alcohol.Cogswell Temperance Fountain Dolphins So, he paid for the building of a number of water fountains like this all over the United States.

Cogswell himself designed each fountain and each is unique. Atop our fountain is a water crane and in the center are two entwined dolphins. I actually think the dolphins are quite handsome.

Unfortunately, the Cogswell Fountain here no longer has water. I’ve often wondered why the water was turned off, or better yet, why it hasn’t been restored. I think it would add a lot to the sculpture.Cogswell Temperance Fountain Crain


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