Eastern Market Racing to Completion

Eastern MarketAccording to a DDOT press release yesterday, the District Department of Transportation and the Office of Property Management are coordinating with each other to accelerate the completion of the streetscape work along 7th Street in front of Eastern Market. DDOT is scheduled to finish this phase of the streetscape project in early June just prior to the reopening of the market.

In an effort to minimize the impact on the residential and business community, DDOT & OPM are taking the following actions:

  • DDOT has begun the streetscape with the recently announced closure of 7th Street, SE, from C Street to North Carolina Avenue. The closure will last until June, when the work will shift to the stretch of 7th Street from C Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • The sidewalks on either side of 7th Street remain open and accessible allowing pedestrians to shop along both sides of 7tth Street.
  • Starting this weekend, OPM will relocate outdoor exhibitors and farmers, usually located on 7th Street, to a variety of locations in and around the market including stalls on the grassy area of 7th Street, south of C Street, the Farmer’s Line Shed, and the North Hall Plaza.

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