Then and Now

953-shepherd-st-ca-1920Then: Newly built and ready for an owner, 953 Shepherd St. ca 1921. (Library of Congress, #npcc 29415)

953 Shepherd St., 2009Now: Still there and largely intact. The original door is gone, as it the tin cap on the upper left of the roof.


2 Responses to “Then and Now”

  1. DC history junkie Says:


    Washington Post, March 21, 1920: Building Permits

    Charles D. Sager, to build six dwellings from 943 to 953 Shepherd Street: estimated cost, $42,000.

    Washington Post, July 18, 1920

    Charles D Sager reports the completion of a new development of six homes on Shepherd street near Kansas avenue, numbered from 943 to 953. The homes contain eight rooms and bath with all the modern improvements, including built-in open fireplaces, cement front porch, extra large double rear porch and special interior decorations. Each house is 22 feet wide.

    Washington Post, Sept. 28, 1941: Obituary

    Charles D. Sager, 61, Washington builder and real estate operator was fatally injured yesterday afternoon in a tractor accident on his farm near Croom, in Prince Georges County, Md. Mr. Sager, one of the largest builders of low-cost housing units died at 6:40 p.m. in the Homeopathic Hospital. … As director of his own real estate firm since 1910, he built and operated numerous apartment houses and multi-family dwellings in various parts of the District.

  2. Great stuff. Thanks for posting!!!

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