Tragedy at McPherson Square Metro Today

Sadly, a man was struck and killed at the McPherson Square Metro today around 1:15 pm. Rather than writing a lot about it, I think it best to direct you to Patrick Cooper’s account on his blog. As someone that was on the train involved in the incident, it paints a picture I hope I never have to experience myself. Patrick’s account is here>>


2 Responses to “Tragedy at McPherson Square Metro Today”

  1. Kent, thanks very much for the link. Just clicked through blog and really enjoyed it (especially as a DC native) — signing up for the RSS feed now!

  2. That is so sad, I feel bad, for everyone involved. I’m filled with sorrow and anger. I’m ashamed that most of the time since this tragedy happened, I have been thinking if I got for work about an hour and a half earlier, I could have been on that train. Instead I should count my blessings.

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