Walker Thomas Furniture Sign

Walker Thomas FurnitureI believe I saw this on the southeast corner of L and 7th Street, NW, across from the convention center. I’ve been intrigued by this corner for some time, and the buildings strike me as something that could be really nice if someone took the time and money to restore them.

What I like about this facade wasn’t the building so much as the sign. I’d love to have this in my stairwell, restored, and lit at night. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen, though.


4 Responses to “Walker Thomas Furniture Sign”

  1. Is this sign still up? This store has been made famous – infamous, rather – for most law students in the US. Look up “Williams v. Walker-Thomas Furniture Co.”; its standard contractual practice of the time is forever associated with the word “unconscionable”.

    While this may go to enhance its historical worth, the kind of practices that allowed this company to thrive were shameless at best. I wouldn’t shed a tear.

  2. beverly thompson-hunt Says:

    i would love to see the sign remain there my mom have shopped there for years she never complained about the store thank you mr. butler

  3. Mariann Williams Says:

    I rember when Thomas furniture was opened in the 70’s, I and my sister use to go in there and play on the water beds. It will always be remebered.

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