Police Call Boxes as Art

police-call-boxMost of us have seen the remains of the city’s once massive system of police call boxes. The image to the right is how many of them originally looked (Library of Congress, #hec 03392). If you want to know more about them historically, Shorpy actually has some great details on them.

But this is now, and all we have left are empty shells of this system. I suspect it is merely human nature to beautify our surroundings, and to that end, many of them have become canvases for artistic expression.

The neighborhoods of 16th Street Heights and Crestwood have a number of very unique conversions. Police call box conversion 18th & UpshurThe Prince of Petworth showed one located on 16th street. Here is another one that is located at 18th and Upshur.

I’ll show some more in the coming weeks.18th and Upshur police call box detail


One Response to “Police Call Boxes as Art”

  1. Cool, have always loved the boxes and am looking forward to the posts. Kaleidoscope and Shorpy are a good pair to read together.

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