Heurich Mansion

Heurich exteriorI’ve always liked the Heurich home on New Hampshire just south of Dupont Circle. According to the Christian Heurich House Museum website, “the Heurich Mansion was built in 1892-1894, during Dupont Circle’s golden era as the city’s premier residential neighborhood, by German immigrant, American citizen, brewer, real estate magnate, and philanthropist, Christian Heurich.

Heurich exterior 2The mansion was the city’s first fireproof home, having been built of reinforced steel and poured concrete, a novel construction technique at the time, and unheard of for residential construction. To ensure its safety, none of the fireplaces were ever used, and the top of the tower features a salamander, in mythology, a creature that guards against fire.”

Heurich Carriage HouseI like how well preserved it is. Not only the house and its interior, but also the grounds and stable/carriage house. I also think there is some exquisite detail, especially with the copper work that was done. One could easily spend hours there taking it all in.Heurich Copper work detail


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