The Takoma Theatre

The Takoma Theatre opened on July 2, 1923 with Thomas Meighan in “The Ne’er Do Well’, with 724 seats. takoma-park-theatre 1928It was designed by John Jacob Zink, who also designed the Uptown in Washington, the Commodore in Portsmouth, Virginia, and the Senator in Baltimore, among other theatres. It is located at the corner of 4th and Butternut Streets in the Takoma neighborhood of Washington, DC.

The theatre flourished for many years but was eventually driven out of business by the growth of multiplex theatres. In the 1980’s the theatre was purchased and turned into a venue for live performances. However, during the 1990’s, the Takoma Theatre stood largely dark, though the comedian Chris Rock did film one of his specials at the theatre.takoma-park-theatre-1966

Image sources:

1) Historical Society of Washington, General Photograph Collection, Takoma Theatre in Takoma Park, #CHS 10179.

2) Historical Society of Washington, Emil A. Press Slide Collection, Takoma Theatre on the southeast corner of 4th and Butternut Streets NW., #PR 1221B.


One Response to “The Takoma Theatre”

  1. Dottye Williams Says:

    I am a director of a church drama ministry – The Asbury Performing Arts Theatre – and I would like to talk with someone about putting on an Easter show at the TPT next year.

    my cell phone is 202 669-7570

    thank you

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