514 Park Road, Northwest

514-park-rdI was very surprised by this house. For an open plan house, it was actually very nice. Its clear that the renovation work hasn’t been completely finished yet, but the realtor assured me that that work would be completed by closing. Even so, I’d make sure that was in the contract were I to write on this.

The floors seemed to be nicely done, and the kitchen was actually much better than than I’d have expected. The bedrooms were a little tight, but I think they were done as well as the size of the original house allowed. I certainly couldn’t find a better solution given where the load bearing walls were.

The biggest negative I could find with this house wasn’t with the house at all, but rather that it backs right onto the subsidized housing on Morton St. I think there is some planned development scheduled for them, but I’m not entirely sure what or how.

To get a better feel for this house, though, you can look at the listing and a few more photos here>>


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