Organic To Go

organic-to-goEarlier this week I had my first experience with Organic To Go. The food was good, but for a deli … I thought it was expensive. The reason I tried it was because there is one half a block from my office, and it was cold outside, and I’m ready for Spring, and I didn’t want to walk through Farragut Square to my regular deli.

You know, the food was good, I’ll give them that. I’m also sure they get a fair amount of business because they are “Organic”, but seriously, is it so incredibly good that its worth more, I don’t think so. Now, I know, there are some out there that are willing to pay more for organic, but let me ask this simple question. Is a bag a chips worth 30 cents more because you buy it somewhere else?

I also really didn’t dig what I’m sure are earth friendly cardboard containers. Mine didn’t want to say open, which made it hard to eat from.

I hope it warms up later this week so I won’t mind walking across the park so much.


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