The Uptown

Opened by Warner Brothers on October 29, 1936, the Uptown Theater is the last movie palace in Washington, DC still showing first-run films. Uptown TheatreThe Uptown is located near the Cleveland Park subway stop on the Red Line of the Metro. Many restaurants are on both sides of the street.

The theater opened with a seating capacity of 1,364 (914 seats in the orchestra and 450 in the stadium seated balcony). The Uptown Theater was designed by theater architect John Zink, a top designer of Art Deco and Art Moderne style movie houses.


4 Responses to “The Uptown”

  1. Great looking cinema.

  2. Inside got refurbished not that many years ago. Place now makes even bad movies sorta palatable. Certainly the place to go for films with major special effects (unless there’s an Imax version, which is even better).

  3. I want to go there!

  4. optimusprime Says:

    The first movie I saw here was “How the West was Won” with Mrs. Jackson’s third grade class (My grandmother made me were a suit). I was amazed by the unique screen and the incredible sound system. This movie brought tears to my eyes as I had to hide this from my classmates. Anyway, I first realized here that science had come to the movies. Kool!

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