This Date in History

March 25, 1901: Capt. Harry Randall, of the steamer Estelle Randall, arrived in Washington at 5 o’clock in the evening, with the story of a ghastly discovery in the Potomac two miles below Gunston, Va. In the morning as the steamer was passing a fish-net trap below Gunston, the body of a man was found caught in the trap.

The man’s head was split open, as if with an ax, but the body had been so long in teh water that is was difficult to ascertain how the injury had been inflicted. The remains were apparently those of a man about 35 years of age, of medium build, and evidently a sailor.

The body was taken to Gunston, Fairfax County, and turned over to the local authorities.northland-steamboat-at-dock-on-potomac-river(Historical Society of Washington, General Photograph Collection, “Northland” steamboat at dock on Potomac River, #CHS 06028)


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