Carriage House @ 3640 New Hampshire Ave.

Carriage House, 3640 New Hampshire Ave.I’ve been curious about this property for a while. It looked like it was being developed a while ago, and then all work stopped. After seeing it today, I gleaned that it its now under a new developer and moving forward.

The Carriage House — which is actually at the Corner of Rock Creek Church Rd & Spring, NW, is now done and available. The units in the main house are slaighted to be finished in two weeks.

The entire complex is being run as a condo, with the carriage house listed at $499,900 and a $227.35 monthly condo fee. What I love about this unit is that it is a completely free standing structure that is not shared with anyone else. It was surprisingly roomy with off street parking, two bedrooms with their own en suit bathrooms, and a roof deck. Its also just over a block to the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro.

The only negatives I found were the steep step to get down to the main living area. It seemed uncommonly steep. Also, the kitchen cupboards seemed a bit high and hard to use without a step stool.

That aside, I really liked the property I think it has a lot to offer. To see the listing and more photos, click here>>


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