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Then and Now: Randolph Street — Petworth

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551-53-55-randolph-streetThen: 551-55 Randolph St. located in Petworth captured shortly after they were built, ca. 1920.

Randolph St.Now: This block is largely intact. Windows and doors have been replaced, as have some of the smaller details. I really like the original streetlamp in the earlier photo.


Park Place Apartments Now Renting

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Park Place RentingThe apartments above the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro are now renting. You can get a peek at what they might look like after completion by visiting their website, or you can visit the off-site leasing office at Highland Park, 1400 Irving Street, NW.

I’m hoping to make some time to do just that in the near future. Having watched this project come together over the last few years, I have more than a passing interest in how its going to turn out, and can’t wait for businesses to open on the first floor.

Will Pepco Cut Power Today?

Posted in City Services on April 1, 2009 by Kent

power-meterWinter restrictions on power shutoffs ended today, and as I posted a month ago, 1 in 4 District residents were in arrears with their Pepco bills and at risk of  losing their power.

Let’s hope a solution can be found that doesn’t result in such a large number of residents being effected.

Barrel House Liquor

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I’ve been an admirer of the Barrel House Liquor store for a long time. Most kitschy commercial property like this vanished long ago. Its been a longtime fixture on 14th Street just west of Logan Circle in Northwest Washington. Below the pink neon sign bearing the store’s name, the main entrance appears to be cut into a massive, wood-looking barrel. I’m also a big fan of neon, so may try to catch more of it around town.Barrel House Liquor

S9 Express Buses Now Run on 16th Street

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Commuters using bus service on 16th Street from Silver Spring, Md., to McPherson Square now have the option of riding the express S9 bus. metro-busThe S9 stops only 16 times along this route. A normal bus stops more than 50 times.

The S9 began service on Monday, and will run every 10 minutes from 6:30 to 10 a.m. and from 3 to 7 p.m.

You can read more from the Metro Press Release, which includes links to facts and timetables.

Happy April Fools Day

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Metro Gives Me a Ride to Remember

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Here’s something you don’t get to experience every day (and to be truthful, I hope I don’t). This morning, as I transferred to a red line train around 8:37, I had the fortune of being on a car that contained what I presumed to be a homeless man, his granny cart full of possessions, and his two harmonicas which weren’t silent.

In fact, at times he was so focused on playing a harmonica that he didn’t even attempt to grab his cart as it started to roll in response to the train slowing down. To be perfectly honest, though, he did seem to be more intent on attempting to play the instrument than actually getting anything of substance out of the thing.

The more I reflect about the occurrence, the more layers I find to unpeal. Whether you focus on how this could continue stop after stop (I only had to go for two), what resources might be available to those in need, or if we will start to see more things like this as homelessness continues to grow in the District, there is a lot to think about.