Metro Gives Me a Ride to Remember

Here’s something you don’t get to experience every day (and to be truthful, I hope I don’t). This morning, as I transferred to a red line train around 8:37, I had the fortune of being on a car that contained what I presumed to be a homeless man, his granny cart full of possessions, and his two harmonicas which weren’t silent.

In fact, at times he was so focused on playing a harmonica that he didn’t even attempt to grab his cart as it started to roll in response to the train slowing down. To be perfectly honest, though, he did seem to be more intent on attempting to play the instrument than actually getting anything of substance out of the thing.

The more I reflect about the occurrence, the more layers I find to unpeal. Whether you focus on how this could continue stop after stop (I only had to go for two), what resources might be available to those in need, or if we will start to see more things like this as homelessness continues to grow in the District, there is a lot to think about.


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