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Fort Totten

Posted in Fort Totten, Lost Washington, Monuments and Memorials on April 2, 2009 by Kent

fort-totten-mapConsidering that Fort Totten is the name of a Metro station and a neighborhood, I found it interesting that the park of that name – which is named for the Civil War fort to have occupied that site – is poorly marked and rather obscure. Unless you know where you are going and have looked at a map in advance, you wouldn’t find it. Fort TottenThere are no signs pointing the way, and even the park itself has no signage alerting the passerby to the significance of the site.

What does exist, for those that decide to venture into the site, is a marker on a rock briefly describing Fort Totten and what it was. More significantly, the ruins of the fort are there. Being an earthen fort as were the other Civil War forts protecting Washington, time has taken its toll, but even so, with a little imagination you can still clearly see the outlines of the fort.

Fort Totten plaqueConstruction of Fort Totten began in August 1861 and was finished by 1863. It occupied a high point in advance of the Soldiers’ Home, President’s Lincoln summer home. It mounted 20 guns and mortars, including eight 32-pounders. The fort’s 100-pounder Parrott rifle provided long-range support to Fort Stevens during Confederate General Jubal A. Early’s attack on that fort on July 11 and 12, 1864.

Photographs of Fort Totten when it was active are after the jump. Continue reading


Hospital for Horses and Dogs

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Over the weekend when I was strolling down O Street, I saw this old Carriage House in an alley (I think between 7th and 8th). It appears to have been recently painted, but it looks like they preserved an old painted sign that was already on the building. I’ve always liked painted advertisements on brick buildings, and they are literally fading fast.Hospital for Horses and Dogs

City Get’s First Permanent Dog Park

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S Street Dog ParkAs I was walking down New Hampshire the other day, I noticed that work is progressing at the S Street triangle park.

According to a Department of Parks and Recreation announcement, the S Street triangle park will become the District’s first permanent public dog park.  This new 5,600 square foot public dog park will be maintained in partnership by Circle Dogs and DPR.  Work at the T Street triangle park will bring new landscaping, decorative pavers, and seating areas. In addition, the work will help preserve one of the District’s oldest swamp oak trees.

The groundbreaking was back on February 10th, but they seem to be in full swing now.S & T street triangle parks

If Architecture Could Be a Religious Experience

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National Association of Realtors buildingI think the National Association of Realtor’s building on the corner of F, First, and New Jersey Avenue, NW, is one of the most exciting and creative newer buildings in the city. I like the subtle asymmetry, the slightly curved walls, and the incorporation of ironwork scaffolding which is very sculptural. Most of the buildings constructed in the last few years have relied on the semi-circular halo-like device on the roof corners which I find to be tired and uninspired. This building breaks away from all that and offers something not found elsewhere in D.C. (More photos after the jump) Continue reading

1228 D Street, NE

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1228-d-street-neI’m always amazed at how pricey other neighborhoods are compared to the area around the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro station. This house again reminded me of that. At $599,000, I think you can get more house if you are willing to consider other areas – for example, a house across the street from me just sold for $525,000 and its 2 blocks from the Metro station.

But enough about one neighborhood vs. another. This house did have its charms, the chief being a nice fenced in back yard. Another nice feature was the 2.5 bathrooms, something you don’t find in every old house. The kitchen was workable, and the street itself was attractive. It was also nice that Lincoln Park is a few blocks to the south.

It would be desirable if it were closer to more mass transit options. I know the bus runs on H Street, but it isn’t near a Metro station.

To get more information, see the listing, and see more pictures of the house, go here>>

As if Newspapers Don’t Have Enought Problems

Posted in Downtown, Random Observations on April 2, 2009 by Kent

I saw this bank of newspaper vending machines outside the west entrance to the Farragut West Metro station. Considering the difficulty the industry is having with selling their papers, is this really necessary? This bank of machines has been here for a while, so I ask myself, what has happened recently to make them no longer compliant?NewstandFinal Notice

Drug Bust @ Georgia Avenue BP Station

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bp-stationI learned at my local UNC meeting last night that last Saturday, March 28th, MPD arrested two individuals and confiscated money, drugs, and drug paraphernalia at the BP Station on the southwest corner of Park Rd & Georgia Ave, NW. From what I learned, drugs were being dealt directly out of the station. Considering that this station is a half block away from the Third District Substation, also on Park Road, I find this quite audacious.