1228 D Street, NE

1228-d-street-neI’m always amazed at how pricey other neighborhoods are compared to the area around the Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro station. This house again reminded me of that. At $599,000, I think you can get more house if you are willing to consider other areas – for example, a house across the street from me just sold for $525,000 and its 2 blocks from the Metro station.

But enough about one neighborhood vs. another. This house did have its charms, the chief being a nice fenced in back yard. Another nice feature was the 2.5 bathrooms, something you don’t find in every old house. The kitchen was workable, and the street itself was attractive. It was also nice that Lincoln Park is a few blocks to the south.

It would be desirable if it were closer to more mass transit options. I know the bus runs on H Street, but it isn’t near a Metro station.

To get more information, see the listing, and see more pictures of the house, go here>>


4 Responses to “1228 D Street, NE”

  1. I love Capitol Hill- north, south, east and west alike. It all has the same “feel” to me, even the portions above H Street.

  2. Actually, bus service in this neighborhood is very, very good. (I live around the corner.) The D6 goes east on D and west on C, running all the way from Sibley Hospital to Stadium Armory, with stops in Dupont, K St., Downtown, Gallery Place and Union Station in between. The very regular X8 runs along Maryland, and the 90-92 buses can be taken from 8th and D anywhere from Barracks Row to U St to Adams-Morgan.

    This is the bus network that may not get a lot of press in the trendier neighborhoods, but it is extensive and on-the-whole pretty good, and you don’t once have to set foot on Metro or one of those fancy Circulators. (If only WMATA would re-launch that damn NextBus service, it would be damn near great.)

  3. Another thing: Capitol Hill’s only dog park will soon be opening at Kingsman Field, about 1.5 blks from this location.

  4. I was going to give a shout-out to the D6 too, although it can be annoyingly unreliable during rush hour.

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