Tax Relief for Business’ Impacted by Construction Proposed

income-tax-formsI read in the Post yesterday that Tommy Wells (Ward 6) is pressing for tax relief for businesses on H Street, NW, and on 7th Street, SE, near Eastern Market. According to Wells, all the construction in those areas has severely impacted them and many business owners already have tax bills that are due.

Jim Graham (Ward 1) is concerned that the bill Wells has proposed is so narrowly worded. I’m going to have to agree with Graham on this one. If the City thinks this is a good idea, there is no reason why a measure can’t be written to provide tax relief to any and all business’ that have to deal with the fallout of extended construction.

While some areas of Ward 6 may be caught in the vice now, with all the construction planned, the several Great Streets initiatives hoped for — including Georgia Avenue — and the eventual street cars that will do to areas exactly what’s being done to H Street and Anacostia now, there is no reason why this can’t be well thought out and planned for.


One Response to “Tax Relief for Business’ Impacted by Construction Proposed”

  1. Charles Says:

    Councilmember Wells also introduced a bill on Tuesday, with Kwame Brown and others, that would extend the same tax relief to all affected small businesses city-wide.

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