Surratt Boarding House

surratt-boarding-houseThe structure at 604 H Street, NW, is perhaps most famous for the people associated with it rather than the building itself.

In 1862, Mary Surratt operated a boarding house in this building. John Wilkes Booth and conspirators stayed at the boarding house prior to the assassination of President Lincoln, and on their flight from the theater they stopped by Mrs. Surratt’s Maryland house to pick up arms and ammunition.

Due to the fact that Booth had stayed at the boarding house, Surratt was accused and convicted of complicity in the plot to kill the President. She was later hanged after a military trial, though, later investigations indicate that she was innocent. surratt-boarding-house-interior-detailsurratt-boarding-house-stairssurratt-boarding-house-interior-detail-2


10 Responses to “Surratt Boarding House”

  1. Joe Geringer Says:

    These photos are amazing. I have been searching for more interior shots of the old Mary Surratt boardinghouse. Who took these photos, and are there any others available?

  2. Byron Anderson Says:

    Very interesting photos. Did you take these or find them and if you took them do you have more

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  4. Later investigations indicate she (Mary Surratt) was innocent? Really?

  5. gerry kirk Says:

    Amazing…but also deeply disturbing to realize such a valuable artifact of American history is so forgotten and misused. And I’m a Canadian.

  6. Dominick Manella Says:

    In 1968, I was one lucky guy,I was born on Feb,12th,1949,

    So Feb of 1968,I was lucky to have spent one night in the house, cold AND DAMP IT WAS .

    Had no camera back then,wish I had one.

    Attic was spooky,old boxes lined one wall,and a laced tarp covered one window,


  7. Dominick, What brought you to the house? Tell me more. What you’ve said so far is intriguing.

    Joe Geringer

  8. Dominick Manella Says:


    I was at GeorgeTown ,at College. My roomate was James Hing,who’s family owner the five townhouses around the corner. ,He was able to get us in and up,dusty and dirty it was.

    I able to look out the two side attic windows,after pulling off a old trap.

    Who had a camera in 1967,wish I had,

    I acquire a few items form the building,

    long left in a musty basement and upstairs,

    I was just in Dc,and took photo’s which I will post on Flickr,


  9. Thanks, Dominick, I appreciate your quick response. I envy you, having seen the building before its “renovation.” My novel on the assassination spent a lot of time–probably more than most–describing the boarding house interior, so I’m particularly interested in experiences such as yours.

  10. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems
    with the images on this blog loading? I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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