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Another Accident at Rock Creek Church Rd & Quincy, NW

Posted in Petworth, Wrecks, Collisions, & Accidents on April 10, 2009 by Kent

Accident 4/10/09 RCCRThis is insane. Tonight, around 10:30 or so, there was another accident at the corner of Rock Creek Church Rd and Quincy.

From what was there when I watched the response team, they had to rip the driver’s door off of a yellow mini cooper to take the driver to the hospital. What’s horrible — and from what I was told — is that the car that hit the mini cooper left the scene of the accident.

This section of road is notorious for accidents, with one to two serious accidents a year. The last serious accident here occurred  on July 4, 2008, not more than 20 feet from the one this evening taking out a section of fence belonging to the Old Soldiers’ Home that they still haven’t repaired.

Something clearly needs to be done on this section of road, but I’m not sure what. Emergency vehicles and buses use it, so speed bumps are out. Changing the speed limit won’t work because people already ignore the signs. On top of it all, its a blind corner. What’s really sad — I fear — is that someone is going to have to lose their life before anyone takes this problem seriously.


Then (and Then) and Now: 1400 New Hampshire Ave., NW

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hearst-colonial-revivalThen: The home located at 1400 New Hampshire Ave., most famously associated with Phoebe Apperson Hearst, was originally built in 1883 as a Colonial Revival house for John Field. 

hearst-homeAnd Then: In 1889, the Hearst family remodeled it in the Romanesque Revival style. You can read more about this house and see additional images at this post.

One Dupont CircleNow: This site is now part of the footprint of One Dupont Circle. Its a bit hard to believe how many structures used to be on land now occupied by one building.

Evacuation Routes Noted

Posted in Commuity News & Events on April 10, 2009 by Kent

Evacuation routeI’ve recently noticed a proliferation of Evacuation Route signs attached to certain street signs, most notably Georgia Ave., Pennsylvania Ave., Wisconsin Ave., and Connecticut Ave. I’m sure there are many more.

I’m sure these are to draw attention to the official routes out of the city decided after the 9/11 events, but I have to tell you, I really don’t think it will make much of a difference. Traffic has a hard enough time functioning around here on a good day, and even if you have it flow in one direction during times of emergency, if everyone in the city needed to leave at the exact same moment I’m putting my money on stagnation.

I’m mean, who are we kidding. When Houston evacuated for Rita, it was a nightmare, and that was in response to a hurricane that folks had known about days in advance. In DC, the reason for evactuation would likely not be known more than a few hours in advance (best case scenario).

Limits of Tyrants …

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Here’s another protest-like poster that attracted me. This one on the northeast corner of H and 7th Streets, NW. tyrany

Lichtenstein’s Modern Head Gifted to Smithsonian American Art Museum

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lichtenstein-modern-headIt was announced earlier this week that the sculpture Modern Head by Roy Lichtenstein that has been at the southwest corner of the Smithsonian American Art Museum/Portrait Gallery since August 27 of last year was donated to the American Art Museum.

lichtensteinThe sculpture is significant in that it is a survivor of the 9/11 attacks in New York. Modern Head was originally installed in Battery Park City, one block from the World Trade Center. It survived and was even temporarily used as a message board by the FBI, until it was removed from the site in November of that year.

The sculpture was a gift from Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, who the Museum had approached with an offer to purchase, but who chose to gift this significant piece instead.

Not Sure What the Symbolism Is

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I’m really not sure what the image is supposed to signify, but I saw this low relief on a building at 15th and H, NW, and just liked it, so I thought I’d share.Art Deco detail

Metro Adding 20 Cars to Red and Green Lines

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U Street Metro StationStarting Monday, April 13, Metro will be adding 20 cars to the red and green lines.

What this means is that approximately half of Metro’s trains on the Green Line will be eight-cars long instead of six-cars during both the morning and afternoon rush hour.

Overall, Metro will convert three trains each on the Red and Green lines to eight-car trains long.

You can read the entire Metro press release here>>