Another Accident at Rock Creek Church Rd & Quincy, NW

Accident 4/10/09 RCCRThis is insane. Tonight, around 10:30 or so, there was another accident at the corner of Rock Creek Church Rd and Quincy.

From what was there when I watched the response team, they had to rip the driver’s door off of a yellow mini cooper to take the driver to the hospital. What’s horrible — and from what I was told — is that the car that hit the mini cooper left the scene of the accident.

This section of road is notorious for accidents, with one to two serious accidents a year. The last serious accident here occurred  on July 4, 2008, not more than 20 feet from the one this evening taking out a section of fence belonging to the Old Soldiers’ Home that they still haven’t repaired.

Something clearly needs to be done on this section of road, but I’m not sure what. Emergency vehicles and buses use it, so speed bumps are out. Changing the speed limit won’t work because people already ignore the signs. On top of it all, its a blind corner. What’s really sad — I fear — is that someone is going to have to lose their life before anyone takes this problem seriously.


8 Responses to “Another Accident at Rock Creek Church Rd & Quincy, NW”

  1. That intersection is dangerous – here’s a crash from 2007 – but personally I don’t understand why. There is already a light at Qunicy on Rock Creek Church road so it must be people going to fast around the corner to stop before Quincy. Maybe rumble strips?

  2. They should put up a traiffic calming peninsula protruding out from Quincy Street and install a traffic light. A real shame that the other car pulled a hit and run, does the driver not have one ounce of moral responsibility?

  3. oops didn’t read the other commenter’s post prior to writing mine, i guess a traffic light would do little good since people obviously pay no heed to it.

  4. 4th St Neighbor Says:

    What about a median strip on Rock Creek Church Road? Cars speeding down Rock Creek Church Road cross the double yellow line an awful lot.

    Or what about a speed camera? Could raise lots of money for DC!

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  6. The real problem at the intersection (other than speeding and inattention) is that when you’re heading east on Quincy Street, you don’t see a traffic light at the corner, only a stop sign. If you’re not familiar with the intersection it’s not clear that the southbound 5th Street traffic is controlled by a light, not a stop sign.

    In order to see if you have the right of way at the intersection, a driver on Quincy has to peer around the corner to catch a glimpse of the traffic light to see if you’re good to go.

    If you make it though that intersection, you’re still facing an awkwardly sharp turn on a blind intersection with cars flying in both directions. Makes NASCAR look easy!

  7. Quincy Res Says:

    As much as i would hate to turn this 400 block of Quincy into a one-way, I think it is absolutely critical. The fact that cars can turn into blind traffic screaming down that hill on Rock Creek Church is asking for more accidents. The only thing that a one-way would not fix, is the crosswalk across Quincy, which is still vulnerable to cars making the quick turn onto Quincy. But a one-way solution would at least fix the auto collision risk.

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