New Developments at the Looking Glass Lounge

Looking Glass LoungeIf you haven’t been past the Looking Glass lately, you probably didn’t notice the Notice of Public Hearing that is prominently posted in the front window.

It was posted on April 10th, the petition date is May 26th, and the hearing will be on June 8th.

The Looking Glass is seeking approval of the changes below. I have to admit, I’m torn on this issue.

From what I’ve seen over the past several weeks, something needs to change if they are going to continue being a viable business. The last couple of Fridays I’ve been there its been very quiet. That said, I really don’t know if I’m all that jazzed about live music, dancing, and a cover charge. Is this something that is good for the neighborhood? … I can see that it might be good to have something like this in the neighborhood in the future, but I’m torn on if this a good time for that transition.

That said, I’d like to hear what others think. Pros and Cons.looking-glass-lounge-notice


8 Responses to “New Developments at the Looking Glass Lounge”

  1. I love me some Looking Glass for its ambiance and booze, but if they had better food, I’d go there more. But if they go live music, I’ll avoid all together. Forget even getting to the cover charge.

    They already have a good jukebox. That’s enough. Let the music hipsters stay at Wonderland.

  2. I love the looking glass, but I will never go back if they start charging a cover. It may be the only spot around, but I am not going to pay to get into a place where kids try to stick you up when you go out for a cigarette.

  3. Temperance did so many things right…mainly the food. When it switched to looking glass, I stopped going because they reduced the menu, the service went downhill, and (this may sound trite, but it really does matter) they lost the theme (Temperance was a 20’s prohibition era theme…now its just a bar)

    Is there really room for live music anyway? how would the stage/audience work?

  4. I agree with Wayan, if they had better food, the problem would likely be solved. I used to go there regularly for a bite to eat with my friends from outside the neighborhood, but now all you can eat with out it being charred is the garlic fries and the pork sandwich.

  5. I can understand the request to change to Tavern status since that would allow them to stay in business under the new food sales percentage law that went into effect. They clearly don’t plan on serving better food and this blatantly points that out but the live music is just lame. leave it as it is. Business will pick up when the area get more developed.

  6. Benny Bobo Says:

    If these changes happen I will stop going. I can’t put it more plainly than that.

  7. I really like having a neighborhood pub in Parkview. I want a place I can enjoy a juicy burger with a pint. Problem is that Looking Glass has never had it together in service or food. Although the serving sizes are generous their isn’t anything on the menu that comes to mind that I would recommend. With the short menu they do offer there should be a couple signature appetizers or entrees that people just keep coming back for.

    Live music isn’t necessary for such a small venue. They have a great jukebox and every bartender has an I Pod that plays when no one feeds it with quarters. It’s a great spot and so close to the Metro I would hope business increases and they stay just the way they are, only better.

  8. […] on the Looking Glass Back on April 13th, I posted that Looking Glass Lounge had posted that they’d applied for a zoning change, from […]

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