Another Brouhaha Over Nats Ticket Between Fenty, D.C. Council

nationals-parkJust when you thought it was safe to go back to the ball game, the D.C. Council and Mayor Fenty are at odds over Nationals tickets … AGAIN!

According to Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray, the city’s agreement with the Nationals gives the Council and Mayor the use of Suite 61 for their own and constituents enjoyment. Gray insists that the tickets for the Suite are to be split between the Mayor’s office and the Council.

However, Mayor Fenty’s administration insisted last year, and now again this season that all 86 luxury seats go to his office for disbursement. This is causing quite the stir as Fenty has been accused of only giving tickets out to members he likes, and so far this year, to no one. The Post covers this in more detail.

I’m scratching my head and wondering if there isn’t something, anything, more pressing than baseball tickets that both the D.C. Council and Fenty can’t be concerned about, working on, or trying to improve.

These are baseball tickets, for crying out loud. Just split them and be done with it. Nothing says you have to go to every game. In fact, if anyone involved in this dispute has the time to go to every game, I suspect they aren’t really doing the job they were elected to do.

So in the true spirit of sportsmanship … shake hands, call it a day, share the Suite … And Play Ball!!!


2 Responses to “Another Brouhaha Over Nats Ticket Between Fenty, D.C. Council”

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