Digging a Little Further Into Accidents on RCCR

Just to broaden the conversation a little bit on the accident that happened last weekend at the corner of Quincy and Rock Creek Church Rd last weekend, does anyone remember the accident that happened just about 20 feet west of that intersection last July 4th?

Well here’s my question. As you can see from the photo below, the Old Soldiers’ Home still hasn’t repaired the fence. How long should we have to reasonalbly wait for them to repair this? Its an eye soar eyesore. Its not safe. Its falling further into disrepair. I presume that they got insurance money from the accident — the SUV was not drivable after the accident and was abandoned there for a long enough time to get the tags. If the Old Soldiers’ Home did get the money and chose to do nothing, is that fraud? Bottom line, is there anything we can do?0043


3 Responses to “Digging a Little Further Into Accidents on RCCR”

  1. We can bitch and moan about the eye sore (vs you “soar”), but not much else. This doesn’t pose a hindrance to traffic, and its private property. if they want to leave their fence a mess, its up to them.

  2. It may not be a hindrance to traffic, but I think it does pose a potential danger to pets and children who could climb on or squeeze behind it. The “temporary” fence has been there 9 months, and isn’t permanently affixed to anything. Nothing would prevent me from pushing it over, or trying to get behind it. I know better than to do that, so I don’t

  3. Rob Mandle Says:

    This damaged fence is an eye sore and dangerous. In such an emerging neighborhood this mangled fence (not to mention the barbed wire) detracts from the beauty of the neighborhood. As a recent arrival to RCCR, I am dismayed that this has not yet been repaired. I’ve already talked to a few neighbors about how to get the community together to encourage action.

    For starters, I created the following:

    This damaged fence (and last week’s accident) does bring to mind the underlying problem of speed on RCCR. While an important arterial, there are simple things we as a neighborhood should push for to minimize the danger.

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