Gordon Biersch … Nice Escape For Lunch

gordon-bierschLast week, I had the good fortune to meet a friend of mine for lunch away from Farragut Square. Not knowing Gallery Place/Chinatown as well as I should, I opted for what is now an old standard, the Washington Gordon Biersch.

While I tend to dislike most chains (good luck getting me in a TGI Fridays or a Ruby Tuesdays), I don’t get that feeling when I go to Gordon Biersch. The burgers are always good, and the beer … how can I ever complain about good beer?

I don’t know if it was just the day I was there, or if its par for the course, but if you wanted anything more that a table for two, there was quite a wait. That said, there were plenty of two tops for immediate seating which made a very comfortable experience.


2 Responses to “Gordon Biersch … Nice Escape For Lunch”

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