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Lost Washington: The Empress Theater

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empress-theatreThe Empress was located at 416 9th Street, NW, and opened in 1910 for motion pictures. It was a 400 seat house designed by architect  B. Frank Meyers. It was completely renovated in 1915 after only 5 years of service.

In November of 1920, the Empress Theater was sold to Marcus Notes, and on February 1, 1936, two film operators were burned and a panic narrowly averted when a fire broke out in the projection room.

The theater lasted until 1945, and was later demolished.empress-theater-detail


Police Call Boxes as Art

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16th Street police box artHere’s another better than average police call box that’s been retooled as art. This one is on 16th Street NW, I believe at Shepherd. It appears to be a light house.16th St police call box detail

Need a Bite? Try 14th Street

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The Post had a great article on the vibrancy of restaurants on 14th Street yesterday. In spite of the economy, restaurants on 14th street are booming, with no fewer than 5 new places opening since January 2008, and at least 4 more scheduled to open in 2009.

One of the things attracting restaurateurs is that the area is booming, with nearly one third of all condos sold in the past year being located nearby.

Update on Park View Elementary and Bruce Monroe School

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Park View ElementaryI’ve been trying to find out for a while what’s going on with Park View Elementary and the Bruce Monroe School. Chancellor Rhee previously made the decision to rebuild Bruce Monroe, then close the historic Park View Elementary and move the school there.

Things over at Bruce Monroe seem to have stalled. Park View has some work going on, mostly with the front stairway, but things seem to be up in the air. I’ve contacted Chancellor Rhee directly a few times, and the only answer I’ve received from her is that they are “putting together an update” on the plans for those schools. I’ll post that update when it is known. Continue reading

Fenty Still Doing Peoples’ Work?

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mayor-fentyWhile Adrian Fenty seems to be headed for re-election next year with $2 million in the bank, WUSA9 reports that many of his close supporters have lately been asking what’s up with the Mayor of late. Whether hording baseball tickets, donating emergency vehicles to the Dominican Republic, or becoming increasingly harder to reach, people have been scratching their heads.

Despite all this, Fenty claims he still loves the media and is busy running the government. I can attest that, whether you support him or not, he still makes himself available for community meetings and schedules time to follow up on citizen’s concerns.

Who Wants $144 Million?

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dc_lotteryAs anyone following the story of the $144 million DC Powerball jackpot winner is aware, the winner has yet to come forward. Incredibly, this has spawned a new contest to have folks try and guess who the winner is, available at the DC Lottery Website.

At first, I thought it was odd that no one had come forward to claim their prize too, until I talked to a friend of mine. He looked me dead in the eyes and said:

“If I’d won all that money, I wouldn’t step forward yet either. That’s a lot of money, and its only been a week. The first thing I’d do is talk to my accountant, look at my finances, see how this would impact my taxes, see if I need to move money around or into shelters. You have a year to claim it, would I want it this year or next year. Then, I’d claim the prize.”

The Giant Food on Alabama Avenue, SE — where the winning ticket was sold — is anxiously waiting to celebrate with the winner. If they are as reasoned and sensable as my friend is, they may have some more waiting to do.

DC Emancipation Documentary Premieres on DC Channel 16

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emancipationAccording to a District Press release issued yesterday, the new documentary film Enslavement to Emancipation will premiere on DC Channel 16 at 8 pm today, the 147th anniversary of the day President Abraham Lincoln signed the District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act.