Who Wants $144 Million?

dc_lotteryAs anyone following the story of the $144 million DC Powerball jackpot winner is aware, the winner has yet to come forward. Incredibly, this has spawned a new contest to have folks try and guess who the winner is, available at the DC Lottery Website.

At first, I thought it was odd that no one had come forward to claim their prize too, until I talked to a friend of mine. He looked me dead in the eyes and said:

“If I’d won all that money, I wouldn’t step forward yet either. That’s a lot of money, and its only been a week. The first thing I’d do is talk to my accountant, look at my finances, see how this would impact my taxes, see if I need to move money around or into shelters. You have a year to claim it, would I want it this year or next year. Then, I’d claim the prize.”

The Giant Food on Alabama Avenue, SE — where the winning ticket was sold — is anxiously waiting to celebrate with the winner. If they are as reasoned and sensable as my friend is, they may have some more waiting to do.


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