When Technology is Not Your Friend

Safeway on Georgia AveBefore we start, let it just be known that I don’t like lines. I don’t like grocery stores because of them, and I REALLY hate Home Depot because of them … so maybe you’ll understand that I try to get out of going to places that have them.

Of course, as life would have it, its impossible to avoid stores with lines all the time. Can’t be done. So last night, on my way home from work, I had to pick up a gallon of milk. That’s all. The Safeway on Georgia Ave. just north of the Metro isn’t on my way home, but it was the most convienient.

The lines weren’t long. I felt lucky. I thought it would be an easy in and out. But no. That wasn’t to be. The first, but minor, problem was that none of the lanes had lights on to tell me what was open and what wasn’t. So, I stood in a lane that had a reasonably small line sensing that it must be open, which it was.

But, it took forever. Why??? Because the cashier was texting more than ringing people up. Can you believe that? Texting. She would ring up a sale, and then text. After hitting send, she would acknowledge the customer and take their money, hand back change, and then text. After hitting send again, she would tear off the receipt and hand it to the customer, and then go back to texting. After hitting send, she would start with the next customer.

It was crazy.


One Response to “When Technology is Not Your Friend”

  1. You know what else is crazy? Stepping foot inside that smelly Safeway.

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