Poignant Statement: Franklin Shelter Issue

I saw the below painted on a utility service box on the southeast corner of Quincy and Georgia Ave.Franklin Square Closing

The shelter, located in the historic Franklin School, closed either late September or early October of 2008. As the Post reported on September 26th, the shelter, at 13th and K streets NW, had been a point of contention between the D.C. Council and Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, who decided to close the downtown facility. The council passed an emergency bill instructing the mayor to keep Franklin open until he gave his legislative colleagues a detailed plan on how he planed to house those who used the shelter and provide them with job training, mental health care and other social services.

The Washington Business Journal also had an interesting article, in which they highlighted that about 100 protesters and union members marched outside the D.C. Council on its first day back from summer recess to denounce the sale of city land for economic development purposes and to preserve a downtown homeless shelter.

You can also read more about this at the Franklin Shelter site, which seems to be connected with the image above.


4 Responses to “Poignant Statement: Franklin Shelter Issue”

  1. Homeless “advocates” just want to use the homeless as high-profile pawns. They seem to WANT homeless to be living in the parks, libraries, and downtown streets so “people dont forget about them.” They opposed the transitional housing plan as a way of sweeping them under the rug, when in reality, it is the only humane way. They’d sooner warehouse them on a prominent corner of DC in substandard conditions (Franklin) than give them their own apartment. Return Franklin school to productive use, not as a ghetto for the homeless.

  2. SG, I take it you didn’t have a problem with public property being defaced to make this statement?

  3. Absolutely I do. Grafitti is always a defacement of property unless it’s your own. This is anti-Fenty grafitti anyways. (no disclosure needed, as I don’t know nor have I met the guy)

  4. SG, I do not know who you have been talking to but you’re spouting misinformation and are ignorant of the facts. Homeless advocates were opposed to the part of Fenty’s transitional housing plan which called for the closing of emergency shelters while naively believing that homeless shelters would no longer be needed. Why not keep the mostly full shelters open while they open the transitional housing programs and wait until DC has solved the homeless problem?

    The reality is that there will always be a need for emergency shelter especially for the newly homeless and those who refuse the rules of even low barrier transitional housing programs.

    Fenty’s plan ignored the advice and knowledge of homeless advocates who have been working for years with this population. They not only care about people who are homeless they are the most knowledgeable (along with homeless individuals) about what policies should be in place.

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