Washington First Major City to Get Free Digital TV for Mobile Devices

mobile-dtvWOW. Can you imagine getting free digital TV broadcasts on mobile devices like cell phones, laptop computers and in-car entertainment systems? Well, it looks like residents of DC won’t have to use their imaginations for long.

According to an Associated Press story yesterday, broadcasts using new “mobile DTV” technology are expected to begin in late summer from five stations: local affiliates of CBS, NBC, PBS and Ion and one independent station owned by Fox. The initial broadcasts will be identical to those beamed to TV sets, including the advertising.

While Washington will be the first city to get this service, cities where expansion will occur quickly are New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta.

Overall, this is a great development. My only concerns are increased noise on Metro buses and trains. I know that rules are in place that insist on the use of headphones. I also know that even when they are currently used, I’m often treated to someone else’s musical selection on the ride home.


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