1520 14th Street, NW

1520 14th StreetI’ve had a thing for this building when I first saw it several years ago. Located in the middle of what used to be Washington’s automobile row, this building has a subtle Egyptian theme to it that most people probably don’t notice.

While its been a furniture store since it was refurbished and opened — first as a Storehouse, and now as a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams — it was originally an automobile dealership. This was very clear when Storehouse was in this building, less so with some of the changes that occurred with the current tenant.

mott-motors-incI’m not sure when the building was built, or who the first dealer was, but I did find the accompanying add from August 17, 1930, showing that Mott Motors sold Hupmobiles there.

Later, Graham Motor Sales was reported as moving into the space on August 1, 1933, and using it for sales and their service headquarters.


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