Shake Up at Parks & Recs: Will Underserved Neighborhoods Finally Get on the Map?

Parkview Recreation CenterEarlier this week, the Post reported that Mayor Fenty unexpectedly fired his director of Parks and Recreation. Ximena Hartsock will take over as acting director. Fenty, being consistent with other current behavior, offered little explanation.

Its entirely too early to tell what any of this ultimately means, but I am hopeful that the department will improve. I know that the Parkview Recreation Parkview Recreation Center 2Center has had a lot of difficulty getting any attention from Parks and Recs. The neighborhood has asked for several improvements, from things as simple as basic maintenance and painting, to actually developing neighborhood programs. Any upkeep that has occurred has been from staying on their back, or from volunteers.

The Parkview Recreation Center is a nice property with a lot of potential. Some basic improvements have been made, and I don’t want to discount that. The city also installed floodlights that now illuminate the adjoining field, but this was largely in response to local crime and drug dealing than it was for the development of local youth.


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