Mayor Fenty Visits Park View Rec Center, Walks Alleys

Mayor Fenty in Park ViewFollowing up on the meeting Adrian Fenty had with the community of Park View earlier this month, the Mayor, along with Police Chief Lanier; Linda Argo, Director of DCRA; Ximena Hartsock, acting Director of Parks and Recreations; and directors and officials of DDOT, DOH, rat control, and others, finally visited Park View yesterday to follow up on issues related to the Recreation Center and walk alleys in the neighborhood to assess violations and rodent issues.

Overall, it was a very positive experience. The Mayor was engaged, listened to concerns, and pointed out problems to his entourage for follow up.

Lanier acknowledge that crime was still a problem in the area, stating that 116 arrests had been made since the beginning of the year. Of those, if I heard correctly, 80 had been related to cocaine. When pressed on what she meant by cocaine, she clarified crack.

In walking the alleys it was no surprise that many rat holes were noted. What was encouraging to me was that cars without valid registration or tags were also written down, building violations were noted, and improper trash disposal was taken down. I have no doubt that there will be many fines issued.

Only two alleys were walked, but the Mayor was made aware that the same issues exist in all alleys between Georgia Ave., Rock Creek Church Rd., Park Place, and Newton. Fenty said that he would have people examine alleys within that zone.

In summation, Mayor Fenty indicated that Park View was a focused improvement area, and that he would be returning to a future meeting in about 30-45 days to follow up on progress and listen to additional concerns.


4 Responses to “Mayor Fenty Visits Park View Rec Center, Walks Alleys”

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  4. Ms Hartsock has carried out
    the illegal actions of the Mayor, destroying the child care program, laying
    off 160 workers and eroding moral at the Department of Parks and Recreation.
    She has evaded questions when testifying under oath at City Council hearings
    and is not supported by the Union representing Parks & Rec workers.

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